Episode 8

Published on:

1st Oct 2020

A Conversation with Joey Womack on Entrepreneurship, Atlanta, and Doing Good

On this episode, the guys interview Joey Womack, Atlanta community builder and founder of Goodie Nation. Listen along as we discuss his passion for helping people make connections. To learn more about Goodie Nation and the Intentionally Good Project visit: https://goodienation.org.

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Jump to 1:35 to hear why Atlanta is a great city for building a startup.

Jump to 4:14 to meet Joey Womack and what he is working on right now.

Jump to 6:25 to hear how Joey views diversity in Atlanta and how he is helping entrepreneurs get access to networks.

Jump to 9:50 to hear how Joey’s project connects entrepreneurs with mentors and contacts in their field.

Jump to 12:08 to hear about Joey’s first company that he started in college at Florida A&M.

Jump to 15:44 to hear about how Joey identifies if an entrepreneur that will be successful.

Jump to 20:04 to hear how self-awareness and confidence are crucial to networking, how Joey gives tips to entrepreneurs on how to appropriately talk themselves up during a pitch, and how he has adapted to the new way of living life virtually.

Jump to 25:00 to hear about Joey’s goal to help 1 billion people by 2039.

Jump to 28:45 to hear about how Goodie Nation creates social impact, and how they support other companies to do so as well.

Jump to 31:45 to hear about how Joey helps build up a social entrepreneur and how he prepares them for storytelling and securing in capital.

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