Episode 6

Published on:

17th Sep 2020

Are You Creative?

On this episode of The Jeff & Alex Podcast, the guys discuss creativity in the business world. Listen along as they talk about how they each define creativity, and the value of having a creative team or process in a company.

Jump to 3:30 to hear how Jeff defines creativity.

Jump to 5:38 to hear about the 3 categories of creativity, according to Alex.

Jump to 8:50 to hear about the contrast between being detail-oriented and creative, and if those characteristics overlap.

Jump to 12:10 to hear about the provocative vs the duration.

Jump to 15:00 to hear about Jeff's screening process for creativity when it comes to new hires, and whether or not CMOs are / should be creative.

Jump to 22:40 to hear about the creativity of lawyers in regard to brand building specifically.

Jump to 24:59 to hear how Alex wishes that he had released his creativity more throughout his career.

Jump to 27:22 to hear about how Jeff tries to focus more on execution and follow through than big ideas.

Jump to 29:14 to hear about the benefit of "big ideas" because they can spawn smaller ideas.

Jump to 33:00 to hear about how group think can be damaging to a meeting and the need for a third party curator to drive creativity.

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Join Jeff Hilimire and Alex Gonzalez for discussions about leading with purpose, innovating, and thinking expansively. Their insights reflect decades of startup, corporate, and civic experience. Jeff is a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, and founder who leads Dragon Army and two nonprofit organizations. Alex Gonzalez is a seasoned corporate executive who writes about innovation, produces the Disruptor Studio, and is chief innovation officer for the Metro Atlanta Chamber.