Episode 14

From Military Service to Corporate Citizenship with Vivian Greentree

On this episode, the guys interview Vivian Greentree: Senior VP and Head of Global Corporate Citizenship at Fiserv. Listen along as they discuss her military background, how she uses her passion for service in her career and how she guides Fiserv to do good in the community.

Jump to 2:57 to hear about Vivian’s background in the military, and her transition back into civilian life.

Jump to 6:05 to hear how the military sparked her passion for service.

Jump to 10:14 to hear about Fiserv and what Vivian’s role is in helping them “do good”.

Jump to 13:30 to hear how Vivian helps people at Fiserv to find their purpose.

Jump to 17:40 to hear how Vivian processed COVID, and how she helped Fiserv focus their impact during COVID.

Jump to 24:35 to hear what aspects of the military experience are hard to transfer to the corporate world, and vice versa.

Jump to 28:59 to hear about the Fiserv culture and how that translates to outward perception.

Jump to 32:24 to hear about how Vivian and Fiserv teamed up with Jay Bailey and Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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