Episode 3

Published on:

27th Aug 2020

Staying Inspired

On this episode of The Jeff & Alex Podcast, the guys talk about what keeps them motivated. Listen along as they discuss their memory troubles, and why being driven by a meaningful purpose is crucial for your motivation and inspiration.

Jump to 1:12 to hear about Jeff’s Spunmafia podcast series.

Jump to 4:50 to hear about Alex’s “Corporate ADD”.

Jump to 6:40 to hear what keeps Jeff inspired.

Jump to 13:00 to hear how the guys stay inspired on a daily level, and how to have boundaries to avoid burnout.

Jump to 16:48 to hear about their experience with meditation.

Jump to 23:45 to hear about Jeff’s love of reading and Alex’s love of a good movie / tv show.

Jump to 28:20 to hear about Jeff’s sabbatical in Scotland and why recharging is important.

Jump to 35:31 to hear about the importance of balance.

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Jeff and Alex Podcast
Join Jeff HIlimire and Alex Gonzalez for discussions about leading with purpose, innovating, and thinking expansively.
Join Jeff Hilimire and Alex Gonzalez for discussions about leading with purpose, innovating, and thinking expansively. Their insights reflect decades of startup, corporate, and civic experience. Jeff is a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, and founder who leads Dragon Army and two nonprofit organizations. Alex Gonzalez is a seasoned corporate executive who writes about innovation, produces the Disruptor Studio, and is chief innovation officer for the Metro Atlanta Chamber.