Episode 12

Why You Should Embrace Confusion

On this episode, the guys discuss confusion tolerance including not allowing yourself to settle for the easy and obvious answer. Listen along as they talk about the dangers of groupthink, how confusion can lead to innovation, and how to be a leader that is comfortable with the unknown.

Jump to 4:00 to hear how comfortable Jeff and Alex are with being confused.

Jump to 7:00 to hear how confusion impacts corporate groups, and the negative implications of “groupthink”.

Jump to 11:50 to hear how corporations can foster innovation and promote idea-sharing.

Jump to 15:52 to hear a story from the early days of Dragon Army, and how to be aware of the impact your words have on your team when you are in a leadership position.

Jump to 20:50 to hear how COVID thrust the guys into confusion, and why confusion tolerance may help leaders in times of crisis.

Jump to 22:35 to hear how testing boundaries, lack of complacency, and being analytical affect leaders and their confusion tolerance.

Jump to 25:32 to hear how you should act, but not act on the easy and obvious.

Check out this blog from Alex on confusion tolerance: https://bit.ly/34CKbIf

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